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You can configure your Mac to automatically open certain applications when you log in. We always open Mail, Slack and Safari, for example. Make sure that your account has been selected in System Settings. Then, tap on “General”, followed by “Login Items”. Tap on the “+” and then search in the Finder to find the app or document that you wish to be opened at login. To add an application, you’ll have to choose the app or document and press “Open” to make it appear in the list.

It’s possible to be shocked by the number of windows or applications that you are running at once. You may be like us and not know that you have 15 Safari tabs opened, as well as Messages Mail WhatsApp Photoshop, et cetera. You can see your entire list of open apps and windows by pressing the F3 button.

You can add more than one user to your Mac. This is useful if you share a computer with others in the house. Everyone can customize their wallpapers and layouts. They can also choose the apps they want. You can also add a guest user to prevent anyone who macbook air m2 15inch price in srilanka borrows your Mac from accessing your documents or files.

Tap on the Apple Logo in the upper left corner to access System Settings. Scroll to the bottom of Users & Groups, and then select Add Account. Tap on the “I” next to Guest user above Add Account, and then toggle the option ‘Allow guest to log into this computer.’

Apple Macs have a feature called Keychain Access which remembers passwords to almost any site you may need to login to, such as Facebook or Marks & Spencer. The feature will remember Wi-Fi passwords of locations. Although your Mac can automatically connect to a network that it’s stored in, you may need the Wi-Fi password of another device like your tablet or phone.

Open Keychain to find any stored password, such as Wi-Fi passwords. To open Keychain quickly, press Command + Space Bar then type Keychain. Then, you can search for your Wi-Fi password in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on Show Password to reveal it.

You can choose to copy-and-paste without formatting. This is useful if you are writing an email and you’re copying something from a webpage. If you want to copy and paste something from the internet into an email, for instance, you can do this.

Mac allows you to open multiple desktops at the same time. For example, you can have Photoshop, your email, or other apps on one. Swipe three fingers across your trackpad to switch between desktops. You’ll first need to launch Mission Control. Tap F3 to quickly do so. You’ll notice that the desktops are already open at the top. To the right, there is a “+” sign.

The F6 key is one of the fastest ways to activate Do Not Disturb. This will stop any notifications from coming in and make it quieter for a while. It is possible to activate Do Not Disturb by tapping it twice. You’ll notice a half-moon symbol at the top of the menu when it’s on. The icon is to the right of the battery.

You can create a Focus if you’d like to be able to choose which notifications or apps are sent. Open Control Centre, then tap Focus at the upper left. Follow the steps to create a custom Focus such as Meeting.

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